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We don’t need to be the millionth person to tell you what a difficult year this has been.  YOU GET IT. RIGHT? But we do want to bring to your attention some alarming facts about the state of food insecurity not just around the world, but right here in America.  COVID-19 AND FOOD INSECURITY IN THE U.S. Many of you are probably familiar with our mission here at TBK.  What started out as hours volunteering for local soup kitchens and shelters, quickly blossomed into a cause now deeply rooted within our heart - helping feed families who are experiencing food insecurity in America. And right now we need all the help we can get. In the past year alone, food...

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Is Vegan Skincare Worth the Hype?

We all have that product in our beauty routine that we feel we just cannot live without.  But when it comes to the ingredients list for that product?  ...well let’s just say ignorance is bliss. What if I told you that that long list of ingredients is more than just confusing to pronounce, it's confusing for your body too.  Some of your favorite brands of body wash, from Dove, to Olay, Neutrogena, Irish Spring, and Suave, all contain varying forms and levels of potentially harmful and toxic chemicals.  To name a few... PARABENS & PHTHALATES - found in many of our favorite products these chemicals are what are referred to as endocrine disruptors, Endocrine disruptors, especially when introduced to our immune system...

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn't just for clothes! When was the last time... you looked through your makeup bag or bathroom cabinets.. and realized you've been collecting a whole bunch of.. well STUFF! Spring is the perfect time to say out with the old and keep the essentials To help you through the process, here are some tips to help you let go of what you THINK you may need. Clean your makeup brushes and throw away any that are falling apart Throw away expired products (products usually have a 1 year shelf life) and replace what you NEED!!  Toss products that are unwanted or not needed Clean and organize the area / your makeup bag Change your sunscreen Change your moisturizer Look...

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