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All Natural Organic Soap: What It Can Do to Your Skin?

The market is full of body care products, but they all can be overloaded with harsh chemicals, synthetics, parabens, preservatives, and other ingredients that might harm your skin in the long run. Yes, a natural homemade body soap could be not only gentle on your skin but also be nourishing. If you don’t believe us, do compare it for yourself! When you check the consistency of your body shower with natural ingredients like whipped body butter, you will realize that the body butter is thicker, richer, and creamier than your body shower. And, the same applies to an all natural organic soap, it is equally nourishing for your skin. Moreover, the natural homemade soap is best suitable for sensitive and...

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Three Different Types of Homemade Body Butter Soap Range Made Just for Your Skin!

Homemade body butter is known to be effective on the body owing to its nourishing ingredients used in the preparation. Now, you will see a wide variety of body butter soap range out of which we will discuss the three popular varieties. So, let’s have a look at each one of them. Three Popular Range of Homemade Body Butter Soap Cocoa Butter: This is one of the popular range of homemade body butter soaps that is high in Vitamin E. Also, it is loaded with natural antioxidants that keep the skin hydrated for a long time. All this makes it one of the powerful ingredients to nourish your skin. Shea Butter: Shea butter is also one of the popular ingredients,...

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Homemade Body Butter Soap- The Best Choice You Could Make!

With the growing usage of natural ingredients and increased awareness about homemade and organic products, there has been a great shift from chemically loaded bathing supplies to organic ones. Earlier people used to go for odourless soaps and scrubs, but now scented soaps with organic ingredients have replaced those dull and odourless soaps. Homemade body butter soaps now come with skin safe ingredients that are gentle on skin and keep the body germ free. You can go with such options without giving a second thought as most ingredients used are plant based. Moreover, you will find a great balance of essential oils and fragrance that keeps your body soft, hydrated, and smelling fresh for the entire day. Another best thing...

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Five Reasons You Should Start Using Homemade Body Butter Soap

Homemade body butter soap is a great way to heal your dry skin, give it shine, nurture it, and keep it healthy. Including it in your regimen can be a boon for your skin as it gives you a relaxing and calm bathing session when you need it the most. Other than this, we have several reasons that might compel you to ditch your body soap with homemade body butter soap. In this blog, we have discussed a few benefits of using cruelty free hand soap and homemade soap that will surely insist you to give it a try. So, let’s see each one of them in details: Five Reasons to Include Cruelty Free Hand Soap in Your Routine Rich...

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5 Hacks You Can Try With a Homemade Body Butter

Want an all purpose body care product that’s gentle on your skin? Try homemade body butter! Most people when they think of homemade body butter, they think of a buttery substance that has no odour and it’s plain and boring. But, what if we tell you that now you can get a variety of body butter products? Yes, they come in a variety of flavors and scents like shea, cocoa, mango, blackberry vanilla body butter, and more. Isn’t it interesting? And, the best thing is, you can use it in different ways that we have discussed in the section below. Let’s have a look at each one of them.             5 Ways You Can Use...

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