Saying Goodbye to a New Hello!

Hey friend! It's me, the one (wo)man team behind the scenes. Here to share with you the meaning behind Beauty and the Body and what's to come!

After three long years, I have finally decided to write my first blog post! To be quite honest, I was never too sure where to begin, so I feel like the ending sounds just as suiting of a time as any to me. Over the course of three years, I have learned and watched my small business (or hobby!) grow into something more magical than I could have imagined. Crazy to think, this creative entrepreneurial idea stems back wayyy before I could even drive or had a cell phone!

I've always had a knack for picking up a paintbrush or sculpting something out of play doh or clay and loved the "idea" of having it as my own business. I was the kid who started her own friendship bracelet company when I was 12!!

So it was no surprise when I stumbled upon soap making and the wonders behind it! I almost feel embarrassed to admit, but I was once a Dove lover.. until I dug up the ingredients, and realized half of which I could not pronounce or understand. I began to do some research and dove head first into a hobby that would soon turn into Beauty and the Body!

Beauty and the Body was formed in August 2017 with the intention to create a luxurious holistic products using all vegan natural ingredients, essential oils, natural clay and food base colorants (like beet juice, carrot juice, matcha, you get the hint!), while encapsulating my massage therapy degree together. Hence, beauty for products, and body for bodywork massage!


Little did I know how far I would veere off the path I had initially laid out! I began to experiment with colors and scents; some earthy, foodie, floraly you name it. As I grew, I realized that my initial intention was no longer there, and began to fall in love with all the bright beautiful colors, designs, soap dough, and scents! After taking course or two in the right direction, I decided it was time to refocus and rebrand, what I love.. Beauty and the Body.

 After months of pondering and going back to the drawing board, being quarantined with PLENTY of time to think 🤔, I decided with a the help of a few soapy friends it was time for a GLOW UP!

Ask me 6 months ago if I knew I would be sitting here right now writing this... you can bet your bottom dollar that answer is a hard NO! Nevertheless, here I am, and I am so excited to be sharing with you the new and improved, rebrand of what will soon to be formerly known as Beauty and the Body, LLC!

Before the questions come pouring in, let me just share with you some behind the scenes of what is NEW! 

 We have a NEW name!

 Completely NEW branded packaging!

 Entirely NEW mission and focus!

 Plenty of NEW scents and styles!

 A whole NEW product line-up!

I am so excited to share and show you all the exciting new things happening! As sad as it is to say goodbye to Beauty and the Body, it is so rewarding to be able to say hello on September 1st to the new company.

My goal is to create mouthwatering, eye catching, yummy treats for you to enjoy with your daily bathing routine, share with loved ones or keep around the house for a savory aroma! All the while keeping the ingredients vegan and natural (with names you CAN pronounce)!

Life is too short! We should all be allowed to enjoy our favorite treats, with or without the calories!


Cheers 🥂 to a new beginning and a wonderful ending of something spectacular! 

See you September 1st for the final reveal!




  • Ms C ;-)

    So very excited to see whats in “store” for you!! (And to ordering new products!)

  • Alexandra Rosen

    So happy for you and excited to follow along and see/smell/use the new products! :)

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